Steak Stir-fry

Easy “one-two-three” asian style recipe. {Marinating for a day is optional for more flavor.}



  1. Beef Steak
  2. Green Beans and/or Broccoli
  3. Soy Sauce
  4. Rice Vinegar
  5. Garlic Salt
  6. Salt and Pepper
  7. White or Brown Rice

This process will show how I marinate it first, but it can be prepared for instant use.


1.(optional) Take your steak and tenderize it. Cut steaks into cubes, out in a storage container. IMG_6661

2. Add 1/2 cup (as needed) soy sauce, 1/4 cup rice vinegar, pepper, pinch of salt, and garlic salt in to the container of cubed steak. Mix well.

3. {After marinating it is ready to cook.} Cook rice (Rice cooker) while stir-fry is cooking as well (kill two birds with one stone). Add marinated meat into decent size pan. Stir well until meat on the outside is cooked.

4. After 5mins. Add green beans and/or broccoli. Stir both well. Add a touch more soy sauce, pepper and garlic salt in to pan. Cover pan and wait 5 mins (repeat for 20mins). IMG_6684

5. Cooked to medium-well or well done. Then Enjoy the meal. {Serves 1-3} IMG_6686