Mondays…Get Motivated in Your Relationship

This is my Motivation Monday/Man Crush Monday thought of the day…


Monthly Date Nights

My man crush always and forever is my husband. This weekend was very productive. We spent time as a family, and we made sure to honor our commitment to getting away from our hectic lives (and our energetic son) at least once a month to have time together. After marriage, and especially after children come in the family, couples forget to make time for each other. Time to talk about ourselves, how we’ve grown individually and how we’ve grown together. Even things that have stressed us and those negative impacts that have overcome ourselves and each other. I believe it’s important to communicate our personality to our partner’s. We go through so many emotional roller coasters that partners need to be told out loud all the emotional changes we go through. No one partner can read the other’s mind no matter how well we think we know each other. Their thoughts and how they feel about those thoughts are two different perspectives. As they always say, “Communication is key!” After all it’s not “Happily Ever After” when you get married like they show in fairly tales. There are so many more adventures and there is so much more work after.

We are not two separate people, but two different people that bring different aspects in the relationship. We work as a team and are partners in life outside and inside our home. When one is slacking in motivation whether it’s life goals or motivation to overcome obstacles, we push each other (especially when it comes to motivating one another to work out). We don’t pay attention to gender roles in our relationship. We equally do the house work, cook, clean, and take care of our son. One might do tasks or chores more than the other, but if one is slacking the other is always there to help pick up after. We value each other’s opinion on topics, ideas and even beliefs in how we raise our children. We can see how our cultural values are different, especially when I come from a culture totally different. Instead of punishing him for not understanding me, I educate him as to why my behaviors are the way they are. You’re not only bringing two different personalities into a marriage you are bringing two different household values and beliefs. Compromise is key in this aspect!

My husband is my MCM (man crush Monday) because we can be nerds together, be athletic together, be adventurous together, discover new things/new places together, be sad together, discuss serious topics together, make each other laugh each minute of the day together, love our son together, show him the world together, forgive together, be spiritual together, be angry together, be supportive of each other, tell each other when we’re getting out of hand, and most of all love together. ❤


My Sailor Prince

How Can I Pray For You?

I was going to post this yesterday since it was Sunday, and if you are not religious it is usually the day people go to church (yes I am christian I will mention on my soon to be written “about” page). Mondays could always use a prayer to start the day.

I got this off my friend/our photographer on Instagram. I thought it was a great idea. We could all use a little prayer. Being a part of someone’s prayer is always a great blessing.   How can I pray for you or serve you in a Godly way today? We are all going through tough times. What can I help you ask God to give you strength in? (I know we could use some prayer to expel some of the toxic people in our life. Pray for us and them. Also the struggle through building a family with me staying at home and only my husband with the income right now). I know we all have a lot going on and prayer doesn’t take that much time, so I want you all to pray for your peers/family/friends/enemies. It can even be something positive. God gives many blessings good or bad. Even if you are new to my blog or know me personally. Leave a comment below and I promise to pray for you. Think how happy you would make someones day if you say a little prayer for them.