Cleaning Makeup Brushes *Cheap and Easy*


Clean clean those brushes and makeup tools. Trust me they get super nasty when you never clean them. It’s also not healthy for your skin to keep reapplying uncleaned brushes/sponges. The cleaning tools (as you see on the top picture) are inexpensive.

Zote soap 97¢ (at Walmart stores). Most people (as well as I did) would buy a makeup cleaner spray that cost $7+ that lasted about 3-4 uses until the bottle was gone. Not only did I notice that it didn’t clean my brushes thoroughly (really deep in the brush) but it always left an oily residue. I found out Zote, is another alternative to cleaning the brushes that cleans them so well. It looks and feels like it was just new. It even cleans blending sponges (you know how hard it is to clean the sponge with the cleaning spray…it only cleans the surface)! Zote also smells great AND the best part, it’s only 97¢!! It will last you months. I’ve only had to buy one since I found out about it and it’s been 8 months! 

These brush pad cleaners I recommend any at Amazon will be the cheapest (mine were $9 for both, there are cheaper ones or if you want one). Any other products out in stores or name brand will be around $15-$20.

Target Tricks Part 2

On my first “Target Tricks” blog post, I talked about: checking clearance tags and what they may mean for each day, downloading apps and coupons, shopping on end caps, price matching, and signing up for their Redcard.

While I was shopping at Target (as usual), I ran into an item that I’ve been eyeing on of months. I saw my favorite accent table go down in price! I’ve been putting off buying it for months just because I was not justifying to pay $100 for a small accent table. I was hoping Target to have a sale and a Cartwheel coupon that would help bring it down a little, but no luck. Instead, I ran into this gem at a different Target on my hunt to buy my husband his Christmas present {the last reservation card for Fallout 4}. That week all furniture items were on sale, I believe for 15% off. Even with that this item on the shelf was still around $85. As I strolled around the clearance section to see what other items that specific Target had (Even though in general most items put on clearance are the same. There might be others that are put on sale or some that others stores have sold out of). I stumbled upon the accent table that I’ve waited for! I justified $70, because I had a feeling I was not going to get that deal again.


Here is another tip to save a few bucks at your local Target: Watch out for their ‘Repackage’ stickers. There are many reasons as to why some items are labeled “repackaging.”

  1. Someone had returned an item and the packaging had to be put together by the employees with little original packaging.
  2.  Either a guest had returned an item and one or more pieces are missing, or the item is just missing pieces in general.
  3. (Such as in my case with the item I bought), an item was on display and is being marked down to sell faster.

$99 to $70! 

Happy Blogging,


Target Tricks

I love coming to find great deals and saving money. I’m sure a lot of people can relate. I have a few tricks to share at one of my favorite and most visited stores, Targé (Target). I also used to work there for about 2 1/2 years, it was amazing. Especially with the 10% employee and family discount, on top of the 5% Redcard, coupons, and cartwheel.


Clearance & Dollar Section

  1. The first big money saver for me is singing up for the Target Redcard. I suggest signing up for the debt card instead of the credit card, if you don’t like things checking your credit (you will need a blank check to void out and link to a checking account for a debt card). Every time you use it, it takes 5% off your entire purchase. I know it doesn’t seem much, but when walking into a Target store no one ever leaves buying just one item. It saves on big purchases and saves more in the long run. {God knows how much I’ve saved for the passed 3 years I’ve had mine}.
  2. Another money saver is; shopping on the end caps. On some rows of the end caps are where the clearance items are located. Mind you, this means for every department there will be a clearance section. Also take advantage of the ‘One Spot’ at the front of the store. Hurry though some things do run out and it’s taking a chance whether they will bring back that item once it’s gone – especially seasonal items that are sold for $3-$1.
  3. As for the clearance tags marking – MONDAY: Electronics, Kid’s Clothing, Stationary (gift warp, office supplies, etc). TUESDAY: Domestics and Women’s Clothing. WEDNESDAY: Health and Beauty, Toys, Men’s Clothing. THURSDAY: Shoes, Housewares, Lingerie. FRIDAY: Cosmetics. When a markdown ends with a ‘6‘ or ‘8‘ it will be reduced to a lower price. When a markdown ends in a ‘4‘ it is a final marked price. There will be tiny numbers marked as percentage (%) reduced on the top right corner of the clearance stickers. On the left, next to the markdown price is a “was” number of the original price for that item (Be aware that sometimes some workers will miss marking an item. Keep a look out on multiple items to make sure it is the correct markdown price. If unsure check with the front desk). Target marks down items by the following increments, 15%, 30%, 50%, 70%, and 90% off the original price. Clothing and Shoes are marked down by 30%, 50%, and then 70% (then go salvage). Seasonal items goes 30, 50, 70, and only the non- “big name” items go to 90. All the other seasonal items go 30, 50, 70, and then salvage. Typically an item will stay at the current markdown percentage for 10-14 days before getting marked down further {Remember, it is on your own risk to wait to buy an item that is marked to be reduced again if that item is hot. My trick is, if there are a lot left on clearance I will wait another week until they bring the price down again. If there are only a couple left and I need it I will buy it at that price}. Screenshot-2015-08-17-at-7.27.39-AM
  4. Prepare to plan ahead for next year after each holiday season. After the season is over, they will markdown prices from 30%, to 50%, to 70%. Same goes for special promotions they have. For example the most recent was Target’s ‘Plaid’ for the fall collection. Most of those items have now gone on clearance. {Which I bought 2 plaid mugs for $1 and some change and a plaid kitchen rug fro $4 and some change}. I remember in spring, the company ‘Toms’ had add a collection to Target as well.
  5. Another easy way to save money aside from using manufacture coupons and using Target coupons: Download the Cartwheel app to get more discounts. They remove and add different items each week, and you can reuse the discount as many times as you want for one transaction. With that, don’t forget to download the regular Target app. There is an additional mobile coupon section that change about once or twice a month, but can only be used one time.
  6. Don’t forget to stop by the ‘One Spot’ in the front of the store. Although, keep an eye out for some products in the store, it might be cheaper than the ‘One Spot.’ {For intense scotch tape, $3 dollars for 3 small little rolls at the ‘One Spot,’ but in the office section $1 and some change for 3 regular size ones}.
  7. One more little trick is to remember at Target, like most stores now, honors price matches. They do only use their own device to search the item/s. They even price match {Websites sometimes have different sales than in store}. They also opened price matching to more stores recently, but will not price match on eBay. When looking for an item, remember to search around online and see what other stores have to offer. {They do not price match the day after Christmas or for the Black Friday Sales}.

‘Plaid’ collection on clearance for $4 (and some change), was $14.99


$3 dog dish mat from the ‘One Spot’

My biggest accomplishment on this shopping run was finding lamps! I’ve been putting of buying lamp for a L O N G time because I think they’re too expensive. First, because most lamp shades and base are sold separately (Which annoys me; that’s extra money for technically one item). I finally settled, guys. I found just 2 perfect lamps for under $15, originally $50!!! The best part, the lamp shade and base are sold together!!! They were in good condition and it was just perfect for our room or any room (if I decided to move them on our next move).



Perfect Finds

I have been trying to get my house ready for visitors this month (Our parents along with two of my friends back in Illinois, my husband’s friend and my husband’s brother are coming for our sons baptism). That means decorating our new townhouse that we just moved in this May. Since my husband was gone with his boat during that time. It was just 35 weeks pregnant me trying to getting everything in this new place in order. The only thing was we were moving into a bigger place, which coming from a 900ftsq apartment means we didn’t have much. That means buying new things to redecorate with! Not a bad thing because I’m actually getting into buying things for the house. The bad things is spending money. I’m the type to get the best deals out of stuff and/or not buy it at all. I’m also the type to save for things before buying, because I HATE having to pay in increments.

Anyway, before I trailed off about my decorating issues, I was posting this because I wanted to show the gem I found at Home Goods (I actually found a couple of things at Home Goods on this visit, but this one happen to be a coincidence)!


Live Laugh Love

I found my “Live Laugh Love” quote as a mug!!! I was so excited! I’m pretty sure I’m going to be using this a lot when I blog. Side note, I love to collect mugs! I always loved to look at all the different mugs at stores, but never really started buying them until I got married. I had no reason to then until I got my own place.

I also got that anchor frame behind me! #homegoodswin