Starting The New Year Right

I hope all of you have decided on your new year goals. If not, it’s never too late to start any time. If you have not read my previous blog about some new year goals to add to your list, click here: Be The Best You This New Year

As for me, I just wanted to share an update of one of my goals (being healthier and fit). I’ve been keeping my schedule on for about 3 weeks now. I still have a bit more to go, but I’ve already seen some changes.


The key is finding a routine to fit your daily life. For example, I find it more effective if I workout as soon as I get up or a couple hours before I go to bed (If you have sleeping problems I wouldn’t recommend working out before bed. I have sleeping issues but either way I still don’t sleep right away at night). Then I eat a little something. Then go on with my day. If  I feel that my work out wasn’t intense enough that day I work out twice. I still use the same work out program: Melissa Bender First Bikini Competition Prep. Now I’m on the 3rd month of her program. I will be recycling this because it’s worked for me and it has a great amount of intensity (that I like at least). Sometimes I don’t follow it day by day. Most days I will and other days I will make up a few other workouts depending on what I feel like I really want to work on. If you’re wondering, I either use a mix of what I got from Melissa’s previous workout days or get routines off Pinterest/Instagram.

Another way to keep off that little weight is substituting some bad foods you eat. I’m not saying get ride of it completely. I know I could never get ride of sweets to save my life. I eat something healthy if I know I ate something bad that day, or schedule a cheat day. I also stopped eating in big portions. I eat a little at a time to see how much of it is my mind saying I need more food or my body saying thats enough. Always important to keep hydrated! I’ve always been a water drinker. It’s my go to drink. Once or twice a week I’ll treat myself to a Sprite or something with sugar. I’ve never really been a soda drinker, unless was the easier/faster option. I also drink teas and once in a while I’ll drink coffee, but takes me almost the whole day to drink a cup.

Some of you may ask if I use any supplements or tricks to make it go by a little faster. I do not use anything at the moment. I was hoping to get back on what I was using before I was pregnant as my pre-work out supplement, which was Oxyshred. I liked it! It worked for me, curved my appetite and gave me energy through out the day. I also bought a waist trainer right after I gave birth. I bought this at Amazon, which wasn’t too pricey but it wasn’t what you would see celebs use as their waist trainer. I would say it helps a little bit. I’m definitely more a boxy person, but it helped curve me up and prevented some major muffin tops to form (I never had one to begin with, but it helped). It does nothing to flatten your stomach, if that’s what you’re all wondering. At least the one I bought didn’t work that way. I stopped using it about 2/3 months ago. I’m strictly just working out and eating smarter. It is possible. This coming from a person that just likes to sit around read, play video games, play with my son, or watch tv and eat all day. My motivation is, one little step at a time. It doesn’t happen over night, though we may wish it. It may work faster for some others and some not. If this is a path you really want to change or do. Just don’t give up on it!

Good Luck! Comment below and share your routines or what has worked best for your body.


Finding The Right Program

Something I obsess over on a daily bases and that most of us worry about too, is our weight. I’ve been up and down on my weight since around middle school (that’s when I really started to notice and care about my weight). I used to be the kid that ate and ate and never gained growing up. Then around 8th grade and going into high school, I started to notice that I would gain the weight but not lose it anymore. Since then, I’ve always just gained weight and not really done anything to be more healthly. My mom would be the type of person that would tell me that I’m gaining more weight and that I’m fat. {Culture Fact: Filipino’s, especially women, are very in tune with self image. They will do pretty much anything to look good and be especially skinny} My mom would always say that an outfit would look fat on me or if I got my hair cut short that it didn’t look good on me because my face is round which would make me look fatter. I’m not going to tell you that it didn’t hurt, because it really made me self conscious. Even worse to add, was during my 7th grade summer my mom and I went back to the Philippines to visit our family and friends. I had an old childhood friend/crush saw me again after many years and told me I was F A T and U G L Y. Having someone I liked for so many years tell me I was fat and ugly hit me so hard. Since then, I’ve been so self conscious about how I look. I know my husband is tired of me putting myself down. I know that it could always be worse and I could really be overweight, but the look I want for myself isn’t where I want it to be. During my senior year of high school my mom signed both of us to our local gym and since then I’ve worked out so I can eat things I want.


Left: Junior Year High School Dance Right: First Year of College

A lot of my weight problem back then was “baby fat.” People often told me that it would go away when I got older, but I felt like it just wasn’t happening to me. After a couple of months at the gym I already saw a lot of my body toning. Since then, it has definitely been a roller coaster with weight. Some times I would look great one year than the next year I gained a few pounds. That first year I started going the gym I would work out 5 times a week without changing my diet. I actually ate a lot of fast foods during my freshmen year of college because it was fast, easy and next to my school. That year of my life was really one of my highest peak of my body.


Freshmen year of college Halloween!


One of my head shoots photo shoot


Us on our wedding day! ❤

When I got married I made sure that I would look the way I felt about my special day. I was again back to gym mode 5 times a week. I wasn’t completely the way I wanted to be, but I did’t look like I did in high school (that’s all that mattered). Then this past year I got pregnant and of course gained some weight. The shocking thing was, a lot of it was pregnancy weight. I gained about 12lbs-14lbs most of was the baby. On my post pregnancy doctor’s check up, I had actually lost weight from my pre-pregnancy weight (thanks to breastfeeding). Right now, I am trying to workout every day since I stay at home. It’s hard because I relied a lot on being at the gym. It helps not only with letting me be around the right equipments, but it was also motivation. If I was there, I was there to workout. Being at home, even though I found a great workout program to do at home. There are too many distractions, I always have an excuse. I just have to get my rhythm back. Even though, I’ve still managed to do some here and there. Going along with my workout regimen, I’ve actually been getting some progress. It’s going by on a slow pace, especially when I love food and don’t plan on changing my diet to restricting certain things. I believe progress is progress.


35 weeks pregnant


Couple weeks ago


Last week

Here are some key tips:

  1. Know Your Body. I know that I can keep my diet of eating whatever I want. As long as, I put in the work a few times in the week. Everybody’s body is different. Know what your limits and restrictions are. If you have to cut back on things to make the process fast, then do. I personally don’t drink soda. I only drink it if I have to at parties or once in a blue moon when I eat out.
  2. Find The Right Program. Find what workouts are best for you. At the gym, my routine was, running on the treadmill for 15 mins or so (depending how I felt), stretch really quick, then worked legs or arms (depending what day it was), then abs and stretching one more time. Now that I can’t afford or have the means to go to the gym (having a baby at home) I found a workout regimen on Pinterest I liked. Right now I am following: Melissa Bender First Bikini Competition Prep. I like her program because she has everything lined up very detailed and yet simple to follow. Her website has other workout programs to follow and a dietary blog.
  3. Portions. Whether it’s portioning food out or your workouts. It’s always a nice step to ease into. I’ve been dialing down on food portions a little less. Though I already don’t eat much because I usually forget. Also, know how much activity you do that day. I say, if you don’t workout that day eat less or eat less carbs/calories. If you’re working out more, especially doing cardio, I would eat a little more that day. Balance out your body’s energy. Also, portion out your workouts. You don’t have to workout everyday. There are days called ‘rest days’ to give your muscles time to heal and refuel. If you don’t like to workout too long, exercise at least 30mins a day and have one rest day a week. If you like to workout on a longer period of time and/or are intense with your workouts, I would say have 2-3 rest days.
  4. NO EXCUSES. This is still something I need to work on as well. It takes a lot of mind power to fight off that little part of your brain that always finds an excuses not to exercise. This past week I haven’t worked out because I’ve been sick (whether that’s an excuse I don’t know). {Then there are those fateful one time a month for a couple day “womanly trails” I go through that is too painful to do anything but curl into a fettle position (these days are no joke).} I find it helpful to just start, you can keep telling yourself ‘you will do it the next day,’ but will you really? Any day is a good day to start and it is never too late for anything. I realized that once I got back into a rhythm of workouts on a daily bases it starts being a habit. Once your body gets into a routine it makes it so much easier. It’s the initial push that’s needed. Find something that motivates you. Some times fitness women on Instagram inspire me to be better. Maybe it’s finding a workout buddy (I for one don’t feel comfortable working out with other people except my husband. I just feel like I have my own pace and I don’t want to slow or push someone too hard). There are always ways to get started!

Share your fitness journey or how you get motivated to workout on my comment box below. I would love to hear from you!