Simple 101 Beauty Tips

Sometimes with so much information out there about health and beauty we get overwhelmed and don’t really know what is the correct way to approach everything with so many different products. I want to first share that I don’t have a degree in cosmetology nor have I gone to school for any of this information. I state these opinions based on personal preference, as a consumer, experiences through trial and error, feedback from others, as well as previous readings. I want to share with you some basic beauty knowledge that I think are important when stepping in to proper skin care products and beauty routines.

First, Know Your Skin

Everyone should be aware of knowing their body. Find out if you have oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin. Notice the difference in what changes your skin through out the day. Be aware of how the skin reacts to certain stimulations of certain products and even objects that touch the skin (objects hold many influential chemicals and materials that can give skin many reactions). Also be aware what time of the month it is (especially for women). Knowing the time of the month can help determine if the skin is breaking out from hormonal reactions or because seasons are changing. Lastly, know what the body is taking in. Certain foods, drinks, and even drugs (pharmaceutical or illegal) can cause many reactions from the excretions of the nutrients contained in them and expose it outside our bodies.

Stick To A Skincare Regimen That Works For You

Finding the right skincare product can some times be a hassle. It takes trial and error to figure out which type and brands work for your skin. It’s definitely okay if you can’t find something the first go around. Test products out depending on where you buy them some may give you time to try and return if you’re not satisfied. With that, keep in mind nothing happens over night. Try the product everyday for at least a week or two (or as said in the product instructions) to see if the results you want are what you are getting. When you do find that cleanser, toner, or foundation that has been beneficial; STICK TO IT. Try not to jump around certain makeup products (such as cleanser, foundation, moisturizers, toners, etc)  when it’s worked for you (eyeshadow, lipstick, etc are an exception).

Follow A Routine 

When you’ve found that skincare line that’s worked for you, get a routine down. Like most things in our life, routine is key to gain the results we want. Make the time to properly take care of your skin by cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and priming before putting makeup products on. Even if you don’t use makeup everyday. It’s still important to cleanse, tone and moisturizing for the day. I believe this is one of the hardest parts of realizing others need to do to get that healthy skin. It is mostly because it is task oriented. Some of us are in a hurry and think it takes too much time, or are too “lazy” to start a routine. My biggest advice is to find a time where you are already prepping for the day. For example, immediately after taking a shower is a perfect time to apply all the correct products need to get started. You can also applying right before bed. I’m sure many of us have some sort of bed time routine, so before that final slip under the covers. Why not add a few minutes after (or before) brushing your teeth to cleanse the face. Remember that when we are resting through the night. That is when our bodies are taking the time to heal and repair our skin. 

Less Is More

This applies to many things. For instance, when we buy food we often look at the labels to see what the calories are or what ingredients it has. Do the same for makeup and skincare products. I’ve always believed that the less and simple ingredients the better. {Try to aim for products that contain more natural ingredients as well. Avoid products that contain harsh alcohols and other chemicals not meant for the skin. Lastly, try to avoid skincare that have a fragrance (unnatural).} Second, when applying product you only usually need just a dime full at a time. That way there is no wasted product and you can always add more as needed. 

It’s Time To Upgrade 

Some of us like to stick to store brand products because it’s what we all started out with and are used to. It’s conveniently available at almost any store you walk into, and let’s be honest, it’s cheapest. But remember cheapest doesn’t always mean the best or the most healthy. Most of the cheaper brand products contain many unhealthy ingredients and harsh chemicals that can do harm in the long run. Some of the products are okay to use once in a while and even as back up when your main product has run out. As we get older, we need to take proper care in what we use. At a certain age its time to set a side some of those unhealthy skin routines and treat yourself to some luxury glow.  It’s the same concept as, “When we get older we need to eat healthier more often.”

The Head To The Neck

When applying skincare products such as: moisturizers, toners, cleansers, and foundations; it’s important to bring those products down to the neck. Do what you do to your face to your neck. It provides an even tone and keeps the face/neck balanced. {You wouldn’t want to have a clean smooth face with a dry wrinkled neck.}

Take It Off

I know it might be redundant and we all hear it, but it is very important. PLEASE TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF! Sometimes we might get lazy and or are too tired at the end of the day, but it’s very simple to just take a makeup removal wipe and take it off (do it while you are sitting in the bathroom one last time before bed if you have too). Once in a while is fine. For example, coming in really late at night or just one of those really long days that you are too exhausted and just go straight to bed. However, if you have time to get food or walk around when you get home, you can certainly take a couple seconds to take your makeup off. 




New Business

On my las blog, I mentioned that I had a surprise going on in my life aside from trying to understand how to be a wedding planner and how to go about it.

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Younique also offers naturally based products for faces, eyes, and lips, at great prices! Many of their products are vegan, organic, and by the end of this fall will all be made, 100% in the good old USA! That is something I can get behind! They are always cruelty free and NEVER test on animals.”

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Have a beautiful day,


Contouring Part 1

I have this obsession about make-up. I do not wear it often or use it everyday, but I spend so much money buying something different. The good thing is I do not buy make-up frequently but when I do get these serge of obsession for it. I splurge. This time I wanted to try my hand at contouring.


Some of my basic make-up and brushes

The bareMineral products I’ve had since I started doing make-up (6 years ago). That’s how much I wear make-up. Getting older though I’ve been wearing it more often but still not everyday.

First, let me tell you that I tried 2 other contour palettes before I decided on the Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette {$46}. The first one I tried was the Pro Lorac Contour Palette {$45}, I wasn’t too excited about it because the powder was very lose and chalky. It did come with a contour brush that I wish I could have kept.


Most recommended by Make-up Vloggers

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 1.43.50 AM

The contour brush is amazing!

The other one I bought was the Ulta’s Contour Kit {$18}, honestly did like this palette. The problem was the only 2 highlight colors had shimmer (I am not a shimmer girl, matte girl over here). I really like the shade colors, this kit had 4 shades of bronzer. This would be a great palette for darker girls that like shimmer on their skin.


First attempt using Kat Von D’s palette

The first time I put on Kat Von D’s palette I was still skeptical. Like a lot of things, I wanted something instant to make me look like those make-up vloggers. Then I realized like all things it takes time and practice to get where they are (especially for someone like me who does not put on make-up everyday). In this first pictures, I put my bronzer to far towards my cheeks. As one ‘how to’ video for round faces said, “not to emphasize your big cheeks by shaping them too much inside your face.” I also wasn’t going too heavy on the foundation or concealer in this first attempt.


Second attempt


This second attempt I was more happy with. It made me look like I lost 5 pounds and definitely shaped my face longer than more round. I also went a little heavier on the foundation and concealer. Trying to hide more of my imperfections. The key to really great contouring are, the brushes. If you are like me and to lean to the more expensive side on products. The brushes I have my sight on are so expensive individually I’m lacking some really good contouring. I am working my way up to it. If you have to learn something from this first contour post. It is the 3 key essentials: knowing your face structure, knowing your skin tone shades, having the right tools {brushes}.


*None of the products or stores I have mentioned have paid me to advertise on this post

The Great Hunter Hunt

It has been months since I’ve search the web for the best deal on a pair of Hunter boots. {Hunter Boots are British heritage brand authentic rain boots} I’ve wanted a pair for a long time now, but has since then been putting it off since an original pair of boots is $150. On a good sale (on their website) is maybe about $110. The most shocking, is that a pair of ankle high rain boots are $155 (on sale at best $97)! How is a smaller boot more expensive…? Some might think that even at the sale price these boots are too expensive. I always thought to get good quality you sometimes have to pay a little more. I do that with most of the products I buy (you could say I have expensive taste).


Hunter Boots & Ray-Ban Sunglasses

I finally found a “reasonable” pair last week during Hurricane Joaquin, and just my luck they came right after all the storm and flood. Being a mom, going out on rainy days or wet days I’m will not to be paying much attention about the steps I take. I needed some rain boots, I’ve never owned a pair in my life (at least not that I can remember). I found a sky-blue original pair searching on Groupon. The site they gave me with the best deal was, which was $116 but signing up with the site gave me an additional 10% off on the purchase plus free shipping {total $114}. This site even had the new season colors as shown on the Hunter Boots website. I cannot wait to break this baby in. I’m kind of hoping it rains again soon.


My First Pair!


*Hunter Boots Company has not paid me to advertise or any other products that I mention. This is strictly for my blog page and my viewers.