Pork Chop Crunch

This recipe I made up, by ‘made up’ I mean I didn’t look up a recipe. I’m sure someone has already made it somewhere out there, its fast and easy. One of the many quick dinner’s I make. I will also show some basic sides to make to go with the meat.


  1. Thin Cut Pork Chops (honestly can use any cut of pork chops)
  2. Veggies: Green Beans & Broccoli
  3. Starch: Tater tots (frozen)
  4. Panko
  5. Vegetable Oil
  6. Coconut Oil/Olive Oil
  7. Salt & Pepper
  8. Thyme
  9. Rosemary
  10. Parsley
  11. 2 large eggs (for 5 thin cut pork chops, add more if required) 

Prep/Cooking Time: Approximately 30-45mins

  1. Take 2 pans, put vegetable oil in one and coconut oil in the other, (I don’t really use measure to scale when I cook. I use what I believe is enough and add as I go) I would say to cover the whole pan. {You can also substitute the coconut oil with olive oil or even vegetable oil, we are using it for the veggies, so it’s a matter of health and taste.} Heat the oils on the pan as you prep the meal. {At this time, preheat the oven for the tots to whatever the instructions say on the bag}IMG_6643
  2. Rinse the veggies and cut them. Add the veggies with the coconut oil. Mix for consistency. Then set aside to settle.
  3. Rinse the pork chops (I always rinse my meats). Add salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary on the pork (front and back).
  4. Get a 2 separate containers. One for the 2 eggs (mix) lightly add salt & pepper. One to put Panko crumbs in (preferably these containers should fit the size of your pork chops).
  5. {Add the tots in the oven whenever preheat is finished.}

  6. Go back to your veggies and add: salt, pepper, parsley, & thyme. Mix for consistency. Let it settle and cook. {Make sure to always go back and mix to prevent from burning}
  7. Take the mixed eggs dip pork chops in front and back. Then to the next container with the Panko crumbs, dip front and back. Place directly into the hot vegetable oil pan. {Repeat for each pork chop} 

    I find it easy to have it as a station to prevent spilling

    8. Cook until Panko’s are brown and meat is cook (145ºF). Veggies until mid texture (not too soft and still has a crunch). {Take tots out when finished}

    You have your dinner, “Pork Chop Crunch meal!”



Until Next Time,


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