Starting The New Year Right

I hope all of you have decided on your new year goals. If not, it’s never too late to start any time. If you have not read my previous blog about some new year goals to add to your list, click here: Be The Best You This New Year

As for me, I just wanted to share an update of one of my goals (being healthier and fit). I’ve been keeping my schedule on for about 3 weeks now. I still have a bit more to go, but I’ve already seen some changes.


The key is finding a routine to fit your daily life. For example, I find it more effective if I workout as soon as I get up or a couple hours before I go to bed (If you have sleeping problems I wouldn’t recommend working out before bed. I have sleeping issues but either way I still don’t sleep right away at night). Then I eat a little something. Then go on with my day. If  I feel that my work out wasn’t intense enough that day I work out twice. I still use the same work out program: Melissa Bender First Bikini Competition Prep. Now I’m on the 3rd month of her program. I will be recycling this because it’s worked for me and it has a great amount of intensity (that I like at least). Sometimes I don’t follow it day by day. Most days I will and other days I will make up a few other workouts depending on what I feel like I really want to work on. If you’re wondering, I either use a mix of what I got from Melissa’s previous workout days or get routines off Pinterest/Instagram.

Another way to keep off that little weight is substituting some bad foods you eat. I’m not saying get ride of it completely. I know I could never get ride of sweets to save my life. I eat something healthy if I know I ate something bad that day, or schedule a cheat day. I also stopped eating in big portions. I eat a little at a time to see how much of it is my mind saying I need more food or my body saying thats enough. Always important to keep hydrated! I’ve always been a water drinker. It’s my go to drink. Once or twice a week I’ll treat myself to a Sprite or something with sugar. I’ve never really been a soda drinker, unless was the easier/faster option. I also drink teas and once in a while I’ll drink coffee, but takes me almost the whole day to drink a cup.

Some of you may ask if I use any supplements or tricks to make it go by a little faster. I do not use anything at the moment. I was hoping to get back on what I was using before I was pregnant as my pre-work out supplement, which was Oxyshred. I liked it! It worked for me, curved my appetite and gave me energy through out the day. I also bought a waist trainer right after I gave birth. I bought this at Amazon, which wasn’t too pricey but it wasn’t what you would see celebs use as their waist trainer. I would say it helps a little bit. I’m definitely more a boxy person, but it helped curve me up and prevented some major muffin tops to form (I never had one to begin with, but it helped). It does nothing to flatten your stomach, if that’s what you’re all wondering. At least the one I bought didn’t work that way. I stopped using it about 2/3 months ago. I’m strictly just working out and eating smarter. It is possible. This coming from a person that just likes to sit around read, play video games, play with my son, or watch tv and eat all day. My motivation is, one little step at a time. It doesn’t happen over night, though we may wish it. It may work faster for some others and some not. If this is a path you really want to change or do. Just don’t give up on it!

Good Luck! Comment below and share your routines or what has worked best for your body.


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