Thirty at Twenty Four

On December 10th last week Thursday, was my 24th birthday! A few days leading up to my birthday it made me reflect. I thought about the decision I made to take the path of a growing family. {I really wanted to make up for having a broken one all my life. I did not want the odds to win against because I didn’t have a great childhood. I wanted to beat them and show the world that, coming from a broken home doesn’t mean you will have one of your own}. Everyone seems to have a problem with people that choose to settle down at a young age. I guess now a day’s its different for our culture to settle down when “there is so much to do in your young life,” or so they speak. I thought that too at some moments, and on some days (the rough ones) I get nostalgic and pictures my life if I was still single or just have boyfriend. Then, I go back and rethink. How lonely I would be without my little family. How unhappy I would be without someone that cares about me to be around me. I lived in saluted all of my life (being an only child having a “tiger mom”) I know what its like to feel so alone. Yes, I felt happiness to do some things on my own and to have all the control in my life. Those times were so short until I felt that deep loneliness again. I look at some of my friends that are still single or even unattached. They are struggle just to find someone now to settle down too. I feel like it reaches a point to where people lose hope or give up finding someone that’s meant to be for them and settle for ‘flings.’

I’m happy we were blessed with our son now. I think back in high school I mentioned that,’If I ever was going to have kids. It would be around 24-25.’ I don’t want to have kids too much later if I decided I wanted more than one. I think more into the future as to what age we would be and what point in our life our kids would be at. Twenty-four was another really big year for me, I’d have to say. Moving to another place, having Mason, my husband changing commands, and finally graduating and receiving my Associates (after many years of moving and changing my degree).

I had a pretty fun birthday. I celebrated it early around Thanksgiving while my friends from out of town visited. Then on my birthday, my husbands command held their holiday party. That weekend following a couple of our friends had a little birthday dinner.


I love when they have photo booths!


Here’s to twenty-four! Can’t wait to see what twenty-five holds!

In this part I wanted to talk about our ‘Friendsgiving’ that I still have not posted about. I feel like it’s way too late to have its own post, so I will extend on here.

Our first Thanksgiving {Friendsgiving} as a family was a success!


Everyone contributed to meal

Some of the friends we invited brought something to contribute to the meal. My friends and sister in law made a bunch of dishes as well. We of course provided the turkey and ham. I made 2 other sides plus a dessert. Though my small kitchen was a crowd (thank God I thought of buying a portable kitchen island). Everyone was full, we watched football, and played games! I would love to make this another tradition for us. Even though our place is small. I want to make it a good atmosphere for everyone.


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