Target Tricks Part 2

On my first “Target Tricks” blog post, I talked about: checking clearance tags and what they may mean for each day, downloading apps and coupons, shopping on end caps, price matching, and signing up for their Redcard.

While I was shopping at Target (as usual), I ran into an item that I’ve been eyeing on of months. I saw my favorite accent table go down in price! I’ve been putting off buying it for months just because I was not justifying to pay $100 for a small accent table. I was hoping Target to have a sale and a Cartwheel coupon that would help bring it down a little, but no luck. Instead, I ran into this gem at a different Target on my hunt to buy my husband his Christmas present {the last reservation card for Fallout 4}. That week all furniture items were on sale, I believe for 15% off. Even with that this item on the shelf was still around $85. As I strolled around the clearance section to see what other items that specific Target had (Even though in general most items put on clearance are the same. There might be others that are put on sale or some that others stores have sold out of). I stumbled upon the accent table that I’ve waited for! I justified $70, because I had a feeling I was not going to get that deal again.


Here is another tip to save a few bucks at your local Target: Watch out for their ‘Repackage’ stickers. There are many reasons as to why some items are labeled “repackaging.”

  1. Someone had returned an item and the packaging had to be put together by the employees with little original packaging.
  2.  Either a guest had returned an item and one or more pieces are missing, or the item is just missing pieces in general.
  3. (Such as in my case with the item I bought), an item was on display and is being marked down to sell faster.

$99 to $70! 

Happy Blogging,


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