First I want to apologize for my absence this passed week. I wrote before that my husband’s navy buddy is stationed on the same base as him for the next couple weeks and he’s been over almost every day, especially on the weekends. We’ve been doing lot of activities. Just this weekend we did a fun run supporting the Wounded Warriors Project (Which I will write shortly, I hope). Then Sunday, we went to the zoo. It was free admission for active military that day. It was the first time going where we live and first time for Mason too! Usually when my husband’s friend is over we just play video games all day. My husband and I, especially me, are a little bit nerdy.

We are also hosting our first Thanksgiving party! More like ‘Friendsgiving,’ because it’s all our close friends and Michael’s sister coming over. I’ll be blogging about how that goes after its over. I will also be apologizing ahead of time for being MIA again for another week or so. Since Friendsgiving is coming up, my friend will be flying over from Chicago to visit for a week. I promise to post after the holiday. I will most likely also write about my Black Friday experience, since I will be attempting to go early this year to by present for my son.

I also have another blog about a Target trick I forgot to mention on my Target Tricks post. That will either be some time this week or after everything cooled off from guest visits and parties. 🙂

*Stay tuned friends


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