English Struggles

I can’t stress enough how hard it is for me to write. It’s so ironic because I love to write. It’s helped me relieve stress and it’s been a great way to express myself. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for me. My mom is surprisingly good with writing in english and the english grammar, but she still has an accent and some times speaks in broken english. I can speak english better than I can write it. Though, lately it seems that I’m struggling to speak now too. I don’t have an accent anymore more, it’s just been hard to express my words when I talk to people. I don’t know if its technology that has degraded me or less interaction with other people. Maybe it’s because I don’t read as much as I used too. I used to read often, grant it they weren’t great novels more like ‘fun reads,’ romance, and manga.

I am starting to read again. I bought a book light because even though I have a Kindle, most of my reading are ‘page turnable.’ Late at night when everything has wind down, is the only time I can really read.

I heard somewhere that the American English Language was one of the hardest to learn. I believe it! There’s so many words to learn and so many words that mean the same or sound the same or have the same spelling, and not mean the same thing. Not to mention masculine, feminine, and the masculine/feminine neuter grammar arts. I know that in the Philippines, the grammar does not have these grammatical genders. Everything is distinguish neutrally and everyone just recognizes what the sentence is about by context (don’t quote me on this ‘fact’ I maybe wrong).

When I first came to U.S., I did not know a lick of english. I was very quiet and usually nodded if someone asked a question. My step-father (American) wanted me to learn and speak english, so he told my mother and I that I couldn’t speak Tagalog anymore so I could get used to english. Well, I learned english…Now I can’t speak or write in Tagalog. I can understand somewhat, but that’s only because I’m good at the context.

That’s pretty much all I have about that. You’ll have to excuse my site of in correct grammar. This is why I’m trying write more frequently, to be better. Comment below if you’ve experienced the same language barrier. Or let me know what country you reside. 🙂


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