Winter is Coming!

I want to apologize for my MIA this past week. I fell ill. When I get sick, I’m sick for a really long time. I’m actually shocked that it only took a couple of days (then again I’m not pregnant anymore so I can probably get over my sickness faster). I’m still trying to get over this congestion, but I’m not nearly as stuffy. The weather is changing pretty quickly from warm to cold. Might be the reason why I got so sick out of know where. When my hubby and I finally settle down and find our permanent home, we are living some where warm all year round (at least nothing below 40°).

Then, a friend of ours (husband’s military buddy) is back in our area for a couple of months. We’ve been spending time with him and his friend. I’ve been a little busy and a little bit everywhere at the moment, but I’m trying settle back in to my blog grove.

I have a lot to blog this week so I hope you stay tuned and bear with me. If I do not post a blog tonight I will by tomorrow. I’m hoping to also start my “Love & Happiness” page this week!


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