First Time (Ever) Pumpkin Carving

On my last blog post I wrote about our family going to the pumpkin farm and picking our pumpkins as a family. I promised an update after we carved them. Well, here it is…


Left: Our son’s Middle: Mine Right: Husband’s

It was a lot of fun for my first time carving my own pumpkin. It is very messy and the only hassle was getting the pumpkin ‘guts’ out, but over all it wasn’t that hard. We bought metal tools (from Target $10) than those small plastic ones they have for $4. Carving them was softer than I thought it would be too. When I see a pumpkin I see a hard outer layer, but it really isn’t. I think it depends on the pumpkin you pick though.

Our son for the first time painted his pumpkin himself! I of course, helped him get started by putting his hands in the paint so he knew what actions to do. Plus I wrote his name with paint on the pumpkin. Other then that it was all him. After he painted and my husband and I started to carve our pumpkins. I gave him some of the pumpkin ‘guts’ to play with. It’s important that he learns texture so he can distinguish objects better. He had a lot of fun, though! I like doing these activities with him. My job before, as an Infant Day Care Teacher, really helped me encourage activities to do with infants so they can learn and have fun at the same time. Since I’m a stay at home mom, I really want Mason (or any of our future children) to still have the education and interaction they can get at a day care while still at home. I’m pretty proud of him already. He’s doing really great on his milestones. I feel like (and doctor’s opinion also) that he’s been really advance for his age. For almost a 4 month old he’s doing and learning 6 month old milestones.


We will definitely be doing this as a tradition for the fall. I never got to do fun activities like this growing up so I want to start our own family traditions. I just can’t wait to see what our son will make as he grows up! I’m just so blessed and thankful for all these great opportunities as a younger wife/parent.


Happy Fall Season!

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