The Great Hunter Hunt

It has been months since I’ve search the web for the best deal on a pair of Hunter boots. {Hunter Boots are British heritage brand authentic rain boots} I’ve wanted a pair for a long time now, but has since then been putting it off since an original pair of boots is $150. On a good sale (on their website) is maybe about $110. The most shocking, is that a pair of ankle high rain boots are $155 (on sale at best $97)! How is a smaller boot more expensive…? Some might think that even at the sale price these boots are too expensive. I always thought to get good quality you sometimes have to pay a little more. I do that with most of the products I buy (you could say I have expensive taste).


Hunter Boots & Ray-Ban Sunglasses

I finally found a “reasonable” pair last week during Hurricane Joaquin, and just my luck they came right after all the storm and flood. Being a mom, going out on rainy days or wet days I’m will not to be paying much attention about the steps I take. I needed some rain boots, I’ve never owned a pair in my life (at least not that I can remember). I found a sky-blue original pair searching on Groupon. The site they gave me with the best deal was, which was $116 but signing up with the site gave me an additional 10% off on the purchase plus free shipping {total $114}. This site even had the new season colors as shown on the Hunter Boots website. I cannot wait to break this baby in. I’m kind of hoping it rains again soon.


My First Pair!


*Hunter Boots Company has not paid me to advertise or any other products that I mention. This is strictly for my blog page and my viewers.

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