Fakes and Toxic People Part 1

It’s so hard to watch something you know is fake out of people. I want so bad to call them out, but again if I do I look like the bad guy. Let me tell you have hard it is to contain my anger for people. I used to actually like people and being around them. Growing has actually turned me bitter and skeptical about others. I really prayed that it wouldn’t. Now, I just pray that I can get over it. It’s so hard to mind your own business when they just put shit out there. Ugh, everything I think about it just makes my blood boil. I can’t believe how fake some people are! I just can’t!!

Also, watching people take credit for something you did…oh my gosh! That pisses me off even more! It’s so hard to watch other people believe in someone’s bullshit while they don’t know what really happened or what’s going on. It’s irritating! The fact it irritates me at all even makes me angry. I hate that it bothers me…Trust me I’m just waiting at this certain point to cut them out of my life…I really need lots of prayer for patients and…to NOT hurt this person!!!

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