Perfect Finds

I have been trying to get my house ready for visitors this month (Our parents along with two of my friends back in Illinois, my husband’s friend and my husband’s brother are coming for our sons baptism). That means decorating our new townhouse that we just moved in this May. Since my husband was gone with his boat during that time. It was just 35 weeks pregnant me trying to getting everything in this new place in order. The only thing was we were moving into a bigger place, which coming from a 900ftsq apartment means we didn’t have much. That means buying new things to redecorate with! Not a bad thing because I’m actually getting into buying things for the house. The bad things is spending money. I’m the type to get the best deals out of stuff and/or not buy it at all. I’m also the type to save for things before buying, because I HATE having to pay in increments.

Anyway, before I trailed off about my decorating issues, I was posting this because I wanted to show the gem I found at Home Goods (I actually found a couple of things at Home Goods on this visit, but this one happen to be a coincidence)!


Live Laugh Love

I found my “Live Laugh Love” quote as a mug!!! I was so excited! I’m pretty sure I’m going to be using this a lot when I blog. Side note, I love to collect mugs! I always loved to look at all the different mugs at stores, but never really started buying them until I got married. I had no reason to then until I got my own place.

I also got that anchor frame behind me! #homegoodswin


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